Make A Modern Proverb

We all know that a stitch in time saves nine, not to count our chickens before they hatch, and that it is unwise to put the cart before the horse. We've been working with most of these since Ben Franklin's day or before. Isn't it time to come up with some new proverbs? Help me accrue some new wisdom for the modern age...

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Blogger Worldgineer said...

If your system's slow it may be a good idea to reboot.

Don't send a DVD+R to your grandma.

A powerstrip can be worth more than your high-def entertainment system.

Bike to the store when buying compact flourescents.

13/3/07 14:31  
Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

Great minds...


13/3/07 14:44  
Blogger dag said...

A kiss is worth a thousand words, regardless of the language.

13/3/07 19:10  
Blogger k_sra said...

Yes, Steve, you're very clever. *sigh* (six years later...)

Good ones, dag and World.

Here's a few:
Every frog will have his ringtone.

Even a dead ipod makes a good doorstop.

If you can't stand the glare, get off the computer.

14/3/07 10:00  

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