I attacked the mountain of work on my desk full force this morning only to be greeted at steady intervals throughout the day with crises and panick-stricken people. It's been a long Monday.
So I checked my email at 4:00 pm to see if I had any friendly notes or 'hellos.'
Just 81 spam messages. All lovingly wrapped in garbled text and useless promises.
On the up side, it looks like we have at least three more days with the threat of snow!
How's your Monday?


Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

I had a reasonably tame Monday. Went to work, mostly heads-down coding, no major crises. Lost a bit of my work when a wind storm caused a power glitch. Nothing critical. Went home. Ate some dinner. Sanded and slapped another layer of spackle on a hole in the wall (patching up after a weekend wiring project). A friend came over and we watched "The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".

I did notice that some of my friends had rough Mondays. Two people IM'd me complaining about their jobs. One IM'd me complaining about life in general.

17/4/07 07:49  
Blogger k_sra said...

I haven't IM'd you in forever, I realize. But that is only because I no longer IM. Sorry it was boring, but glad it wasn't horrible! : )

17/4/07 10:46  
Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

Yes, you never call anymore. :^)

And the day wasn't exactly boring. Just uneventful. Low-stress. That can be nice.

17/4/07 11:33  
Anonymous uncle jim said...

and now, while it is the Wednesday after already, i can report a bad fri the 13th ... and it has carried over every day since ... i'm looking for a little sunshine and a double scotch straight-up

18/4/07 15:42  

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