Chinese for Breakfast, Chinese for Lunch, Chinese for Dinner

Q: What do you get when the US government decides to let all 1 billion Chinese people apply for their Greencard at the same time?
A: My job.

If you don't hear much from me in the next month and a half, don't be surprised. The incredibly well-informed Chinese community has just been given a break in the proverbial Permanent Residence Cloud Cover. No more are they required to wait 2-5 years before they can ask for their Greencard. As of July 1st, anybody with a job-related application can apply to get their card, asap. This makes for a lot of very happy and very eager people. Also, in order to make this next month as painful as possible, USCIS (formerly INS) has decided to increase all their filing fees several hundred dollars as of the 30th of July. This means that not only is there a (probably temporary) lift on the quota retrogression, but there is a tiny window frame in which people can get their applications out with the current low fees. 26 days to be precise. And I am the only thing standing between every Chinese and Indian person working at my job and the ultimate expression of self-actualization: A Greencard.

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Anonymous uncle jim said...

is this just for chinese, or for everybody with a job-related application?

16/6/07 21:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, we won't expect updates for a while. Good luck. Oh, but your post title reminds me of this:

Something obvious yet surprising that I found when I went to China: Q. What do Chinese eat for breakfast? A. Chinese food. Generally pot stickers and other goodie-filled steamed buns. Although there was the occasional porridge and a version of cereal: doughnuts (actually fried sweet noodles) in warm soy milk.


17/6/07 14:13  
Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

I don't envy you. Or them, for that matter. I've been through the green card process and the forms are nearly incomprehensible. And English is my first language. Of course, I'm not entirely certain that the forms are written in English.

18/6/07 08:46  
Blogger k_sra said...

unclejim, China, India and the Phillipines are the affected countries, but the Chinese are just on the ball and got through the gate early (the day of the announcement).

Thanks, World. I'm plunging deep into the world of beaurocratic office-work. I'll let you know when I surface. *glubglubglub*

Steve, Oh, yeah, that's right. You're Canadian, eh? Or were. (Aren't those I-864 Forms a mother?) i'm so steeped in the number soup by now, however that it's almost back of my hand material. Add to all this frenzy a disgruntled visitor lodged a formal complaint against our entire office. Now we're trying to pacify a Princess in the process. Blergh.

Hope you all don't miss me too much. Send me a (short) humorous email at anytime! ANYTIME! I check email promptly at 8am and 4pm. *sigh* : )

18/6/07 15:27  

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