Where have all the new cars gone?

So, no one's buying new cars right now. No one wants to pony up the money with the economy in the gutter. Automobile makers, manufacturers and their employees are growing more desperate as their hopes of a prosperous 2009 swirl slowly down the drain. Recently, a conglomerate advertisement for all automobile makers in the state appeared on television. It's rather depressing that these huge, wealthy companies are pooling their resources to beg the public to buy up their product.

And where do unsold cars end up?

Gathering dust: (click pic for more)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This really sucks, especially since my job (before I got laid off) depended very much on the automotive industry (domestic and foreign). I keep hoping for some SNAP that causes the economy to suddenly jump back to life.

26/1/09 17:44  

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