I am just now learning about site statistics and counters. The little counter at the bottom of the page will take you to statcounters.com which supplies me with all my fascinating info. First off, I am told how many page hits the site gets in the span of a day. Then it tells me how many of these are new visitors and how many are returning visitors. This is then all beautifully extrapolated in a chart with pretty colors which I can monitor in real time throughout the day. I also get stats on where a particular visitor is from (Shout out to my peeps! You know who you are.) and what link brought them here. For instance, the bulk of the sites' visitors come from my halfbakery page, whereas only one was directed here by a Wikopedia page (?) on the mean population (that means middle, not cranky) center of the United States, which coincidentally is no longer in Indiana, which I think is a shame. I can't find my link anywhere on that page, but statcounter must know what it's talking about. Right?
What I find most fascinating is that this blog has more repeat visitors than first time viewers whereas my film blog has almost no repeat viewers and gets most of it's referrals from random google searches.
*sigh* It's just all so interesting.

Random photo. If it's your birthday, then this one's for you.

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Blogger Worldgineer said...

I just assumed I was the only one who visited. Hey, are you watching me right now? (hides under desk)

25/6/04 14:54  
Blogger k_sra said...

It's not quite that specific... but it does let me know where you buy your morning coffee, which is cool.

25/6/04 15:02  
Blogger tsuka said...

Oops. Pardon me. I just repeated on you again.

25/6/04 16:55  

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