Just looking at the fishies. Somewhere under the sea there's a toilet. I wonder how it flushes. And where.

Odd Sport of the day. (That's odd sport, not old sport. Although I suppose the hammer throw is pretty old as well.)

Ok, here's another odd sport. So exciting! Two in one day! This one has two parts: cycle ball and artistic cycling. These pictures are from the world championships, don't ya know.

I'd rather be here.

I found a brother site (brother not brothel). I'm jealous and touched, simultaneously.

Quarks were named for a James Joyce's line in Finnegan's Wake. Not often a scientist makes a literary reference... (thanks, Worldgineer for finding that one.)

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Blogger rbl said...

I read that as 'brothel' and wondered what you were jealous about....

19/7/04 14:04  
Blogger k_sra said...

They say you only see what you want to see. ; )

19/7/04 14:35  

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