Kerry/Edwards 2004

Kerry and Edwards (democratic presidential candidates) made their first campaign trail stop in Cleveland, of all places. At 12:34pm I trudged down to Mall C (c is for crowded) just as a squall of summer rain emptied the backlot of most of its onlookers. I got a great spot. Edwards (candidate for V.P.) was finishing his speech. Southern drawl with jock inflection. Then Kerry spoke. He looks and sounds like Sam the Eagle from the Muppet show. Wearing a slightly rain soaked navy suit, white shirt and red tie (de rigeur for politicians), he intoned nobly on various vague topics, made big promises and harked back to the olde times and pointed us on to the future. The usual shtick. Behind him a large sign declared "a New Team for a New America," but oddly enough he finished his speech with a promise to return to the old America. So, I think it's just rhetoric.

I took notes on how many "virtues" each candidate used in their speech. Here's what I came up with:

Edwards: truth, courage, faith, responsibility, hope. (only five. But to be fair, it was the end of his speech...)
Kerry: committment, truth, hope, fairness, credibility, optomism, perserverance, respect, service, faith, compassion, confidence, justice, determination, peacefulfulness.

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Blogger rbl said...

Having just survived the Canadian Elections, all I can say is 'my condolences', no one should be subjected to campaign rhetoric for any length of time. There should be a health warning attached to politicians.

7/7/04 15:45  
Blogger k_sra said...

Thanks. I went willingly for the kicks, but I won't be watching the debates anytime soon...

8/7/04 10:38  
Blogger mymo said...

Wow, so many virtues. Did he include waffling. Hey Edwards I hear Waffle House is big in the south.
Sam teh Eagle , he Kind of does with his long face and squinty eyes. Hilarious. Did you get to meet them?

8/7/04 21:05  
Blogger k_sra said...

Sadly, I didn't get to meet them. They were about half a football field away. There were lots of nice young men in the crowd wearing button-up shirts and ties (read: student body presidents and young democrats club) waiting to meet them. I hear Kerry and Edwards stuck around for two hours afterwards to press the flesh, so maybe even the young scalywags in my corner got a handshake, too. I hope so.

9/7/04 07:50  

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