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Well, the Novel writing deadline has passed. It is now December and I failed to write fifty-thousand words by midnight. Not that this should really surprise anyone. It doesn't surprise me. I tend to make myself offers that I have trouble achieving. It's part of my whole shtick. But besides that, I did write about 15,000 words (more or less) that I kinda like and someday I will write a novel. Or two. Or three. Or whatever. It's good to be a writer. It's good to be young. It's good to have fun. it's good to drink Pepsi. (where'd that come from)

So, hello hello, welcome to a place called vertigo. Or the internet. Or whatever.

Have you ever noticed how predictable the internet is? It's always flat. It's always glowing. It's always pictures, words and or sound. Same same same. Clickety clickety clack.

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Blogger rbl said...

Hmmmm, three dimensional internet, has the time come?

1/12/04 12:17  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

Certainly, if you have some of those red-green 3D glasses (buy some here, or look for a 3D comic book at your local comic book store). Don't have 3D glasses? Try crossing your eyes.

1/12/04 13:10  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

Ok, I played around on the crossing your eyes site, and it's quite cool. Easy way to give yourself a headache, but it works. I also found this there. Try the block pyramid near the bottom as a good example. (alt-F4 to exit)

1/12/04 16:07  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

(I just realized the site I've been linking to has adult areas. The pages I linked to are fine, but don't go wandering around if you're easily offended, a minor, or at work.)

1/12/04 17:10  

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