Big Bird cont.

Big Bird sent me yet another text message last night -the brave boy- he said, "I got your message... sorry that you feel so slighted. I don't want to lose you, as I consider you a great friend."

Well, damn! He's sorry I feel so slighted. Isn't that nice of him? Caring about my feelings and even apologizing for them? How sweet is that. I, on the other hand, am not sorry that I feel slighted. Not in the least. I rather think it was the appropriate response. I should feel slighted. Because I was slighted.

With "great friends" like him, who needs enemies?

I texted back the following, "this texting is ridiculous. please call me." I have yet to hear from him. I'll keep you posted... I think there will be little else to say. I think I hear the flap of distant wings.

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Blogger Worldgineer said...

(note to self: Stop sitting by the blog, waiting for the phone to ring. That's just pathetic.)

4/1/05 15:11  

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