if all of us were right right now

this world makes me mad and sad and lost and lonely and just being in it sometimes overwhelms me and the choices are endless but the losses are too and if just once I did do something right from the gut free from constraints no fear and it was the right thing whatever that means and I broke free from some conundrum I seem to get into and life wasn't about inhibition, moral choices, consequences, destructive forces, deception, weakness, faith and hope if just for once life was a solid tangible thing like the color blue or umbrellas. one simple function, one simple role, one choice - and we all made that one choice (which would no longer be called "choice" obviously) all the time, every day so we got it right and there was no risk and no doubt and no fear and no hesitation and no scream building in the back of your head as you feel your resistance and resolve dissolve inside of you. would it be better?

I need a hug. where's a nephew when you need one?

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Blogger Worldgineer said...


12/1/05 16:49  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

To your question: Without choice we aren't alive. Trees get it right every day. Of course, they can never love or laugh or appreciate a warm cup of cocoa on a cold day.

I hope your day brightens.

12/1/05 16:53  
Blogger Ellen said...

You can hug mine, if you can get your arms around your computer screen:


13/1/05 00:27  
Blogger calum said...

Option paralysis, eh? In lieu of hug, I offer advice. Do not - that's not - take the path of least resistance.

13/1/05 09:25  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

Here's to hoping you found that nephew you sought. (raises glass)(realizes he's at work)(hides drink)

18/1/05 11:42  

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