Can't remember the real name...

but you can always go there and read the real name for yourself. It's a strange little musical game. You need speakers, World, to fully enjoy this one. I admit, I stole it shamelessly from ze frank's blog. I get all my best material from ze frank, really. I just let him do all the hard work. I mean, you all could probably just start reading his blog and find half the links I use here. Well, no not half. Not even a third really. Actually, quite a small percentage. So forget I said that. Ze has great links and I sometimes link to them. That is all.

Oh and this one is also quite nice. Hehe. Wasted another hour of life on that one, trying to blow things up just so. Didn't really succeed at whatever it was I was trying to accomplish I don't think, but what is this world coming to when a person can't enjoy a pointless game just because it's a pointless game on a pointless day in the center of a pointless universe?

No, it's not really a pointless universe. It's just a silly little game I enjoyed and think you might enjoy too.

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Blogger Worldgineer said...

Damn you and your time wasters. I've put the person on the rock, but I can't keep my guy in the cave or guy in the house from dying. Any hits?

16/2/05 17:01  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

Never mind, I solved it. Well, actually I had less time for this game than the last game so I searched the Internet and cheated. But it's done.

16/2/05 22:30  

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