Jack Kerouac

Born on this day in 1922. Posted by Hello

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Blogger k_sra said...

Blogger is giving me so much trouble today!!! Jack Kerouac's Bday is actually the 12th. I wa trying to go back in time, but blogger keeps pooping out... So know this: Jack Kerouac was born on March 12, 1922.

14/3/05 14:20  
Blogger graculus said...

he was one of my biggest heros when i was travelling. I always had a copy of on the road in my pack, and he influenced my life in many ways.... cool guy.

14/3/05 14:50  
Blogger spizzer said...

He looks an awful lot older than 12, though.

14/3/05 17:05  
Blogger dag said...

Cute pointy littel ears too, but I bet he sheds a bunch.

15/3/05 10:12  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

Are you letting Brutus type again?

15/3/05 10:35  
Blogger k_sra said...

I blame Jack for the "yr" for "your" phenomenon. Did he start that trend or was he just following the herd?

(pats Brutus on the head and scratches his chin)

15/3/05 11:22  
Blogger spizzer said...

Is 'yr' a New York thing or does it find itself being used by just about everyone in the US? I see it used in song titles by New York bands. Whenever I see it, I read it as an abbreviation of ‘year’, and I get all confused.

15/3/05 17:52  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

Don't cut the red yr.

Yr we all here?

15/3/05 19:14  

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