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... in 1964 The Beatles held the top five spots on the Billboard singles charts. They remain the only band to do this.

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Blogger dag said...

Don’t laugh too hard; this is my first attempt at poetry with some serious constraints. Sorry for the mushiness of it, don’t worry, I’m not getting soft or anything.

Flying across the universe, like dreamers do, I should have known better.
I saw her standing there, in my life.
Why don’t we hit the road wild honey pie?
Two of us? Tomorrow never knows what goes on.
I’ve got a feeling we can work it out because all you need is love.

Slow down she said she said!
Get back, don’t bother me.
Tell me why you like me too much?
If I needed someone, bad boy, I’ll get you.

I want to tell you it’s only love.
If you’ve got trouble, I will slow down.

Oh! Darling, that means a lot.
I should have known better.
Don’t let me down and your bird can sing.
PS, I love you.

The end.

4/4/05 15:00  
Blogger Dragon said...

well somewhat of an unfortunate statistic as popularity or record sales doesn't denote artistic merit. However the Beatles are the exception to this rule in that they created historic works of musical art.

4/4/05 22:39  
Blogger dag said...

Hmmm, does anyone realize my poem was composed entirely of beatles song titles? (with the execption of the words "him" & :her") I'm guessing either nobody figured that out, nobody read it, or you all think I'm nuts. Oh well, back to more productive things..

5/4/05 12:20  
Blogger k_sra said...

I realized it, dag... just haven't written mine yet.

6/4/05 13:42  

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