Always A Blogger Never A Bride

Well, Joey is at least considering my proposal of marriage, although he still seems hesitant. he says:

      As it turns out, Sarah is a blogger. I'm beginning to think this proposal didn't accurately reflect her feelings for me, but was only a cheap publicity stunt. The last thing I need is someone exploiting a relationship for blog material. On the other hand, I am in need of female companionship as well as a new apartment. So some questions for Sarah:

                Would you consider converting to Catholicism?
                Are you financially able to support me?
                Will you learn how to cook for me?
                Are you able to provide the proper emotional support and encouragement that a writer such as myself needs?
                Do you have a nice apartment?

            Joey, Joey, Joey. This is exactly the kind of methodical, sensible, look-before-you-leap thinking I was trying to avoid. You were supposed to be so flush with the enthusiasm and energy of my completely inappropriate proposal that you threw caution to the wind and flew unheeding into the arms of matrimony (not officially recognized by the Catholic Church and therefore easier to annul after said five weeks of wedded whatever). I almost feel silly for throwing myself at you now... Ok, not really. It was fun. I've never proposed to a guy, much less an Amish-Catholic New Yorker. It's probably the best decision I've made all week!

            And really, are you sure you should call me on the publicity stunt thing when you encourage women readers to write so you can post their fotos and heartfelt pleas on your blog and solicit reader response? Hmmm. (Strokes chin thoughtfully)

            Well, anyways, in answer to your questions:

            How much do you cost?
            Microwave Meals.
            Yes (unfortunately).
            And yes, but it's in Cleveland, Ohio. Beautiful, sunny, tropical Cleveland, Ohio.

            Hope this helps you in this very important, but preferably poorly-thought out decision.

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            Blogger Worldgineer said...

            Joey doesn't sound nice at all. And no comments allowed on his blog! Dodged a bullet, I'd say.

            17/5/05 15:26  
            Blogger honest + popular said...

            Don't knock Joey! Sarah loved him enough to marry him... even if he is a Pius X avoiding Catholic drinker/ writer/ marry-er. They'd have very screwed up kids and that's all you can hope for.

            *sigh* I think it's roboytic.


            17/5/05 16:10  
            Blogger spizzer said...

            Joey knows what he wants but he's afraid of getting it.

            I reckon you should load your picture into photo shop, mirror it so you're facing right, and see if that'll change his mind.

            17/5/05 18:01  
            Blogger k_sra said...

            Yes, Worldgineer, let's not be too hasty. Joey hasn't said no yet. And I'm telling you now, I won't take anything but "No" for an answer! You bet!

            Spizzer, I might just do that...

            18/5/05 07:59  
            Blogger Temple said...

            Oh my! What have I missed! Well, I think you should check out this very cool site, it will help in your seduction for certain. It's called www.hipstercards.com. It's free egreetings and they are hilarious! PIck one from the sexy and flirty category to warm him up, they are soooo very unconventional and random, I'm sending them to everyone (okay, not Mom, but they do have proper sections also :)) Then, if he becomes a bum, there's most certainly one there to tell him to, uh, do unkind things to himself. Haven't been around in awhile...need to come back more often. Miss your humor. :) Good luck with the nuptuals. Oh, ps, check out the flirty and sexy section....there is a card in case you decide you don't need him at all. ;) Can you tell I love this site? So crazy! Take care, ksura.

            18/5/05 14:11  
            Blogger k_sra said...

            Hipster Cards

            Thank you, Temple, this might just be the e-card that broke the Joey's ... resistance. Or whatever.

            hehehe. Joey's Resistance. That's funny just to say.

            18/5/05 14:53  
            Blogger Temple said...

            Can you tell how tired I was? (Or maybe I just like the flirty and sexy section... hmmmm...;) Joey's Resistance....say it with a French accent, and it's really funny! (Well, it's funny to me, but I'm writing on deadline...so I'm totally punchy). My boyfriend sent me one from there that said, "I'll bring the hot dog, you bring the bun." I sent him one back with this topless girl that said "love hurts" and it had all these clothes pins all over her mouth and her nipples .... yeeeouch! We had been fighting, he called me laughing after that. How could you not? I think it's still there. Ah, romance. lol... ;) Your link just sent me to the home page, which one did you send the oh so resistant Joey?

            18/5/05 22:36  
            Blogger k_sra said...

            Temple, I sent this one. Let's hope that does the trick!

            19/5/05 10:06  
            Blogger Temple said...

            Yay! Excellent choice. How will he not swoon with desire for you now? :)

            19/5/05 21:56  

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