Sugar: Hi! Hi! Hi!

The boss brought me lunch, confined as I was to the office while she held a thank-you lunch for some of the students and staff upstairs. She brought me a coke and cake with it. More sugar than I usually take. I went spiraling. When I got free, I took a walk to the library and I couldn't shut up. It was like being socially retarded while hyperventilating. Everytime I stood next to someone I said hello or butted into their conversation. No one minded, thankfully. It was all fun and easy-going, but more aggressive than I am used to being. The toothless man at the elevators and I talked at length about the depravity of the elevators in the library and whether it was worth it to walk up all those stairs instead of waiting. I mockingly chided two high school girls who were shushing each other in the elevator. "That's right," I said, "there's no talking in the elevator." and I made a stern face. They burst into laughter. The doorman and I exchanged pleasantries at the door of the hotel. I even chatted up at two men in a cherry picker. They stared down blankly as I passed, humming a show tune.

Thing is, I rather like it; this speak-before-I-think rampaging across Cleveland. I don't want it to stop. Unfortunately, I have no intention of consuming enough sugar to bring me to this point ever again. So today it's Sugar: Hi! Tomorrow: status lo.

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Blogger Worldgineer said...

If you plan it right, I assume you can have your sugar:hi's during the day and starve yourself to crashing every night. Kind of like being intentionally bipolar. I wonder if such mood swings are sustainable, or if you'd go spiraling out of control. I'll have to try this some time.

3/5/05 16:28  
Blogger honest + popular said...

Don't do it. The virgin Mary don't like sugar.

3/5/05 18:05  
Blogger dag said...

Slow down there speedy, good way to get yourself into trouble. Always look before you leap.

4/5/05 09:22  
Blogger Temple said...

I love bouncy days like that! Except for me, they tend to trickle into when I need to work (which requires sitting still and writing) or sleep (which usually I do sitting still).

Remember Tigger....bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy.... ;)

p.s. Don't always look before you leap. What fun is that? :)

19/5/05 04:37  

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