Turn To The Left

Leftward looking photo I sent Joey who won't marry me because he's afraid of intelligent, beautiful women.

[editor's note: We incorrectly asserted that Joey was afraid of intelligent, beautiful women. We have just been informed that he is not afraid of them he loves them. Big difference.]

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Blogger graculus said...

you remind me of someone..... famous

23/5/05 11:15  
Anonymous normzone said...

God, what a fox........am I keyboarding out loud again?

23/5/05 12:35  
Blogger k_sra said...

I remind me of myself sometimes, but I'm not famous yet.

Thanks, norm. At least I'm not a hound.

23/5/05 13:21  
Anonymous Joey said...

I did not say I was scared of intelligent, beautiful women. I said I loved intelligent, beautiful women.

I know you're still upset about my refusal, but I demand an immediate retraction.

23/5/05 19:47  
Anonymous Joey said...

By the way, how old are you?

23/5/05 19:48  
Blogger k_sra said...

I'm fifty-four and I want to adopt you and feed you home-cooked meals.


Immediate retraction coming right up.

24/5/05 08:03  
Blogger Lukas Abrhm said...

if only you'd sent him that right looking photo....this neverr would have happened

24/5/05 08:38  
Anonymous Joey said...

Thanks, Mom.

25/5/05 08:35  
Blogger Temple said...

::: whistles :::

25/5/05 13:31  

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