And to be even fairer, I should state that I got the link for Hulk's Diary (see below) from dag's blog.

There. I think that covers all the bases.

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Blogger Worldgineer said...

But where'd you get the hulk picture?

3/6/05 11:54  
Anonymous uncle jim said...

i note that today is the anniversary of franz kafka's metamorphisis into the afterlife - should not we be celbrating something? or not?

3/6/05 12:42  
Blogger k_sra said...

World, from google image search. I am NOT linking!!

Yes, Jim, we should be celebrating the socks off of this day. The only question is: how?

3/6/05 14:38  
Blogger graculus said...

I got told off for not linking. boring isn't it. SO - you can 'borrow' anything you like from me without asking - (tho if you want you can put me in you're links list and be done with it!!

6/6/05 04:19  
Blogger dag said...

Just for being fairer, I posted a pic of Brutus for you on my blog.

6/6/05 09:07  

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