Did I post this one already? I can't remember.

I enjoy going to this site sometimes and looking at what people write on walls. It makes me want to write on stuff. I should carry a camera into public restrooms. There is no one quite so opinionated as a Cleveland woman equipped with a sharpie who has to pee, apparently. I've never seen so many numbers, thoughts, comments, cross-examinations, insults, retorts, slights, digs, philosophies, words or random illegible scribbles as I have on the bathroom stalls of Cleveland, OH.

I have only written on one bathroom wall so far. I don't remember what I wrote.

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Blogger Worldgineer said...

As the unofficial site historian, I proclaim that you have not posted this before.

Have a grout day.

14/6/05 16:05  
Blogger Tara said...

You don't remember what you wrote on the bathroom wall? Hmm..was it something like:

"Check out my blog anytime"?

14/6/05 16:11  

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