And The Winner Is...

How, I ask myself, how will I choose a winner, just one winner from among all the brilliant and clever captions posted for last week's Caption Contest? It is not humanly possible! I mean, have you read some of these captions? They wad me up in little funny knots and little tears have to escape my eyes just to make room for the hysteria. No one envies me the task of choosing a winner (I know because I asked.), but it must be done! So without further adoodoo, I am pleased to announce the following Winners:

Tied for First Prize:

mymo said...
Damn, it feels good to be a Frenchman.

barnzenen said...
While smiling, John thinks to himself, "Do I dare...no... yes! I will undo another button!"

Congratulations, Mymo and Barnzenen! You are this week's First Place Winners! You choose your Fantastic Prize! The prize for this contest is your choice of the following: 1) A random prize selected by k_sra from her local dollar store and shipped to you. [Note: this prize is really random.] 2) A stunt photo of your choosing where k_sra will attempt to create the image of your choosing with random objects and people. 3) A song made up about a topic of your choosing and performed here on the blog.

Runners Up:

Joel said...
"Oh, go ahead and laugh. But we'll see who's lauging in a week when the sprouts start to grow."

Tara said...
Since hearing about the breakup of Barbie and Ken, Bob is finally ready to sweep Barbie off her pointy feet.

You all deserve a V-8. Thanks for quipping!

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Blogger Tara said...

I feel honored just to be a runner-up.

I'm so sorry I missed the pedicure spa-thingy last night! I worked late and then went out to eat over in Warrensville Heights with some chicks from work. I hope you didn't get caught in the storms!

19/7/05 08:15  
Blogger k_sra said...

A good time was had. We're taking you next time. You've been warned.

19/7/05 11:45  
Blogger k_sra said...

Where are those winners?? I should be knee high in impossible prize requests.

21/7/05 14:58  

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