Toothpaste for Dinner

I did not know this. I always learn something new when I visit toothpaste for dinner.

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Blogger dag said...

Having had the pleasure of seeing a few of the kitties in the wild, I can attest to their stealthiness. It's amazing how skillfully swift and silent the hunters can be.

21/7/05 12:24  
Blogger k_sra said...

Whoa! Dag! I didn't even hear you come in.

21/7/05 14:20  
Blogger dag said...

Stealthy walking lessons:
1. Place your heel of foot #1 down first (only your heel), keep your feet canted outwards slightly for improved balance, and slightly extend your arms out to the side
2. Rotate your foot down so that the ball of your foot barely touches the ground.
3. Continue with a rolling motion until all that's left on the ground is your three largest toes (your heel and toes of the same foot should never touch the ground simultaneously - once your toes are on the ground, your heel should be lifting up)
3. As you completely transfer weight to your three largest toes, the heel of your #2 foot should be landing on the ground and your weight should be distributing off your toes of #1 foot, back to your heel of #2 foot.
4. Continue this rolling motion with your feet, but now put a slight bend in your knees so they act like shock absorbers to soften your landings and to cushion any debris you may encounter.
5.Always keep your upper torso at the same elevation. Do not let your body bounce while you walk.
6. There you are now walking stealthy. You should be able to maintain a fairly normal walking pace with this technique, and with practice, even a quicker gait.
7. Practice your movements and try sneaking up on someone, this is the ultimate test.

21/7/05 17:17  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

The real trick is having two 3's.

21/7/05 18:03  
Blogger k_sra said...

; )

dag can have as many three's as he wants. Nobody can hear his threes anyways. So sneaky!

22/7/05 07:46  

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