Raptor Wrap-Up

Jeff (aka Afroassault) took up the gauntlet of the friendly dinosaur post and sent me this lovely photoshop:

Don't be shy now, all you artistes out there, go ahead and send me your version of how the story ends!

To be posted here.

Here's AO's shot (WARNING: language not suitable for my nephews):

Steve DeGroof with the brain eating raptor:

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Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

Very nice.

28/4/06 14:38  
Blogger lostdog said...

What I can't understand is - how come the raptor is the same colour as the cartoon kid's hair? All camoflage issues aside, does that mean the raptor is actually covered in flowing golden locks like a golden retriever or that the (already quite scary) child has a scaly reptillian protuberance sprouting from his skull?

28/4/06 16:33  
Blogger lostdog said...

(and possibly feasting on his brain)

28/4/06 16:34  
Anonymous normzone said...

In the wild, the raptor's natural prey includes the yellow-crested mullet.

28/4/06 16:58  
Blogger k_sra said...

I would love a picture of the raptor feasting on the kid's brain! *hint*

A little dark, to be sure, but let's be clear about one thing, if raptors were to ever return this book would be a great diservice to our species.

28/4/06 18:48  
Anonymous normzone said...

If raptors ever return, we have bigger problems than this book [cue dramatic music]

29/4/06 00:12  
Blogger Afro Assault said...

One "F" in Afro Assault, thank you very much. Also, that picture never saw the light of Photoshop. No, that's a hand drawn picture that was scanned and subsequently colored with MSPaint.

I hate MSPaint.

xauibtdg: blogger is getting desperate for letter verification.

29/4/06 03:31  
Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

//I would love a picture of the raptor feasting on the kid's brain! *hint*//

How's this? I'm not much of an artist but I think it gets the point across.

29/4/06 11:22  
Anonymous normzone said...

That's great. I bet the original author/artist would love these pieces.

driyhm: what you do to your velociraptor after you wash him.

29/4/06 12:48  
Blogger honestus said...

i am not participating in the 'eating' of children.

30/4/06 12:57  
Blogger k_sra said...

But then, honestus, you are not a predatory prehistoric lizard, so you probably wouldn't.

30/4/06 13:06  
Anonymous AO said...

Do you have the other books in the series, [k]? I'd really like to know how the kid gets along with the other dinosaurs.

1/5/06 09:27  
Blogger Letsbuildafort said...

I sent mine in - its late, but its there. I know my minumum grade is only going to be a 70 now, but IT EARNED THAT 70!

1/5/06 21:25  

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