Tag, you're it.

Tara did NOT tag me. So I had to tag myself. (Truthfully, I've been so out of the blog-lane that no one should tag me for anything because I can't be trusted.) But here we go.

Ten of Life's Simple Pleasures

1. A good cold beer on a hot day.
2. The sound of air conditioning running on a hot day.
3. Being able to sleep through a hot night.
4. Hot kisses from a hot man on a hot night.
5. Red hots till your mouth is numb.
6. NOT coming down with a cold when you're feeling not-so-hot.
7. Singing full voice in front of an audience and sounding hot hot hot!
8. Stomping barefoot through a puddle of Summer rain on a hot day.
9. Margarita's with your best girl friend on a hot day.
10. Knowing that even in the hottest month another nephew is on his way.

And you know I want you all to add a thing or two to the list...

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Anonymous normzone said...

Hot sisters who post on their blogs.

31/5/06 20:01  
Blogger honestus said...

mudslides, cool showers and no socks...

31/5/06 22:01  
Anonymous blanche d'al monde said...

hot latte on a cold day
hot houses full of orchids
hot shots on surfboards
hottentots discovering ice cream
haut couture tours in Paris, France
hot dogs on the Fourth of July
oat coutour tours in Paris, PA
hot dogs on the slopes of Snowbird
hot tubs overlooking the Alps . . .

But enough about moi. I'll just say Hotsa luego for now, amigos.

1/6/06 01:01  
Blogger Saint Kansas said...

I gave up alcohol and hot men, so I'm gonna have to think about this one.

1/6/06 12:00  
Blogger gnomethang said...

#10) - I've got one of them coming to!. My sister is in her 42nd week.

3/6/06 05:27  
Blogger honestus said...

can i play tag with you?

4/6/06 21:25  
Blogger k_sra said...

Sure, honestus! : )

Am I it?

5/6/06 09:34  
Blogger honestus said...

you're definitely it! Catch me if you can.

6/6/06 08:37  

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