All Creatures Great and Small

This video made me ask the question, "How much jail time is represented here?" And also made me ask the question, "Why is it so easy to take candy from babies?" And I also wondered, "Why would Republicans and Democrats want to be represented by animals?" This video also made me think, "Birds are really greedy" and "monkeys are kind of vicious!" You go ahead and watch the video and see if it makes you talk to yourself.

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Blogger Worldgineer said...

Dogs learn early on that children are uncareful with their food. Plus they're short. And they drop things.

15/9/06 10:41  
Blogger k_sra said...

I believe the correct word is discareful, Worldgineer. tsk.

15/9/06 10:55  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

Uncareful should really be a word, as careless is too strong in most cases. People often have some amount of care - the level of care is not empty, it's just not completely full. I also propose the phrase careven for when your amount of care is exactly at the point between careful and careless.

15/9/06 14:39  
Blogger gnomethang said...

I have always found that the phrase "less than careful" usually suffices. But then, that is a phrase and not a single word.
The advantage is that it implies a deficiency in the care department (i.e. should know the difference, probably does, probably isn't too bothered) whilst avoiding being too strong.

Uncareful and discareful are on the way to Duckspeak in my book.

19/9/06 15:23  

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