A New Dance

The Chartered Accountant

Learn it. Love it!

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Blogger Tara said...

This is great, I can probably learn this by the time our office Christmas...er holiday party rolls around. :)

8/9/06 18:57  
Anonymous DrCurry said...

Ah, had forgotten about that show - one of a more or less line from Cambridge to I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again to Do Not Adjust Your Set to Monty Python to the Goodies to Not The Nine O'Clock News. (And, I'm sure, more.)

Britain has a rich tradition in satirical humor.

8/9/06 22:20  
Blogger honestus said...

i love it. Now i know how to do the twist!

i gotta get me one of them bowl hats.

9/9/06 12:57  
Blogger gnomethang said...

A very young (he always looks young!) Tim Brooke-Taylor.
Good Find! - Was it "That Was The Week That Was?"

12/9/06 17:11  
Blogger gnomethang said...

Sorry! - just read the title (At last the 1948 Show)

12/9/06 17:12  

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