Bankety-Bank Bank Idiots!

I'm not a good yeller, I don't like confrontation and I think poorly on my feet. So it should surprise no one that I was loathe to return a phone call from my bank yesterday after it was discovered that my account was overdraft on Monday. This was after I had put in a sufficient sum to bring my total out of the red. Before banking hours this morning I decided to ease my mind as to the pending doom of the call by checking my account. Exactly as I feared a whole host of fees had been assessed after I deposited the amount neccessary to bring my balance into the black again. The rage began to boil. I knew I had to call, I knew I had to be angry, I knew I could not accept no for an answer. I called and was told by a manager that my frustration was unfounded and that if I would only listen she would explain again why I was wrong and the bank was right. I took the name of her manager (out for the day) and hung up. Ridiculous. Now I was seething and hopeless.

I called the customer service line. I stood my ground. I insisted that my bank be forthright in telling me exactly how much I owe, not less, because this looks like they were baiting me to stay overdrafted and continue accruing fees. She politely informed me that they could remove one fee. I politely informed her that this would not suffice. She politely told me that they would remove two of the fees, but that my bank was under no obligation to do so. I told her that my bank should have warned me that they might give me false information before I tried to cover a hidden amount in my account. I then asked her to guarantee there would be no additional fee assessed today (while-you-wait-screwing) and then to tell me what my account total would be after our phone call. She did both and according to her assurances, I should have no fear that I will be hammered once more into the ground because of their negligence. I'll believe it when I see it.

So, I'm thinking of taking on a new bank. Any suggestions?

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Blogger dag said...

Bank of dag. Give me your money and I'll send it back to you when you need it. Promise.

14/3/07 11:30  
Blogger k_sra said...

What's your overdraft charge? (funny thing is, I believe you!)

14/3/07 13:35  
Blogger dag said...

No fees. I just don't let you take out more than you put in.

15/3/07 10:59  
Blogger El Fid said...

or Charter One. They are pretty reasonable, especially if you're cute.

19/3/07 11:53  

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