Art Wall (Group Project)

Found a neat little site (or a messy little site, depending on how you look at it) that lets a group of people create their own art work. One person begins a project, passes it on to the next person, who passes it on, etc, ad naseum, infinitum.

If you wish to participate, send me an email address and I'll send a little art work your way...

Or if you'd like to start one, send it to me at ksrasra AT gmail DOT com. And I'll keep the art wall moving along!
If you feel that you have added the finishing touches to any art, pass the link on to an anno or send me the jpeg and I'll post it.

Here's to artwork that nobody controls! (My bet says it'll look hideous, but it'll make us all happy. =P)

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Blogger "Honestus" - Raymond Charles said...

Look-Look... I'm an artist! very fun.

17/4/07 12:10  
Blogger k_sra said...

Yeah, it might could have used a little more coloring, but it is simplistic and efficient. : )

17/4/07 12:33  

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