Friday Fun Day (Word Puzzles and List)

Hello, Avid Readers and Picture Puzzlers. I am happy to report that today's Word Puzzle is a group effort. Ideas supplied by a trained staff of professional puzzlers; that would be my boyfriend and myself.

And you're off!



And an easy one for my Lethargic Participants:


1. What Famous Person in History did you write a report in in school and why?
2. Color you are most attracted to?
3. What do you think of the mullet?

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Blogger Tara said...


1. What Famous Person in History did you write a report in in school and why?
Anna Freud, because I was taking a class in college called "Women in Science" and I was interested in what the daughter of Freud had to say. Now I can't remember.

2. Color you are most attracted to?
I am attracted to lots of colors, but I do love the color of blue turquoise and light green.

3. What do you think of the mullet?
I wish the teacher that has one at my school I work at would get rid of his. He has a muted mullet, but a mullet is a mullet is a mullet....is a mullet. I don't like them, but he's a nice guy.

27/4/07 09:06  
Blogger k_sra said...

hehe, you have a mullet-man! There are none here, just a comb-over dude. I sometimes wish I could sneak up on him, yank it back and chop it off. Fantasies. I'm having fantasies about other men!

I like turquoise, but I don't find it restful, I find it invigorating. What does turquoise "do to you?"

Ann Freud. Poor girl. Told from infancy, no doubt, that she had a thing for her father, wanted to kill her mother and wanted a penis.

27/4/07 09:46  
Blogger Tara said...

Turquoise makes me happy, but calm. Plus, if I'm near a body of water that looks nice and blue, I'll take too many photos of it.

27/4/07 10:43  
Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

sub continent?
dee lamb inn (something)

And the last one's obviously Baltimore. ;^)

1. What Famous Person in History did you write a report in in school and why?
I think I wrote something on Edison once. I thought he was a great inventor. I hadn't learned about Tesla yet, though. Probably would've picked him instead.

2. Color you are most attracted to?
I'm drawn to yellowish metallics. Bronze, gold, that sort of stuff. Muted, though; not polished and flashy.

3. What do you think of the mullet?
Sort of looks half-finished.

27/4/07 11:51  
Blogger World said...

1. Frederick the Great. I don't remember why - I must have heard his name somewhere. This was the first research paper I'd been assigned (6th grade-ish I think), and it took me hours of research to even figure out that Prussia isn't even a country anymore. The whole paper would have been much easier if I'd had Wikipedia.

2. clear
3. I have no opinion on this topic.

30/4/07 14:58  
Anonymous Worldgineer said...

delamination!!!! I finally figured one out. (thanks Steve for Dee - I wouldn't have figured that out on my own)

1/5/07 16:23  
Blogger k_sra said...

Well done, World! I am so proud. Now if you can figure out the first one, you win a trip to the exotic bathroom of your choice in your building!
(hint on second pic: it's just water)

2/5/07 08:37  
Anonymous AO said...


2/5/07 09:36  
Blogger k_sra said...

Well done, AO. My BF works for a manufacturing company and substrate delamination is something he deals with on a regular basis. : )

2/5/07 09:42  
Anonymous Worldgineer said...

Now how does this work? Does [ao] win a trip to an exotic bathroom in my building? Do you have a key? (I assume the more exotic bathrooms are on the top floors, and I'm pretty sure you need a RFID key card to get up there) How would [ao] know which are the best bathrooms in my building? Would he travel all the way to Seattle just to visit a bathroom? What if he travels all the way to Seattle to use a bathroom, you somehow get him a key, and it turns out there are no exotic bathrooms in my building?

2/5/07 11:52  
Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

Y'know, I thought it might be "delamination" but I couldn't figure out how a photo of a woman translated to "ation". A bit slow on the uptake, there.

Substrate delamination, hmm? Everyone else just calls it peeling.

2/5/07 13:23  
Blogger k_sra said...

Everyone else doesn't work with the DOT.

3/5/07 07:26  

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