Favorite Pillow?

What is your favorite pillow? What's it made of? Why is it your favorite? Do you covet a different type of pillow? If so, what kind?
I guess I really should talk about my own...
Pillows and I have a love/hate relationship. I either want a ton of them or I don't want any at all. I'd rather have a thin, little flat pillow than a huge puffy one, but then I roll the flat one up into a tube and stick it under my cheek (sleeping on the side). Or a larger pillow is nice just on top of my forehead (sleeping on the back) to keep my head from falling over and giving me a place to put my arms. Now, I am very curious to try this particular pillow as it looks terribly fascinating! I wonder if it's actually any good or one of those things you pay a heap for only to leave on the bed a week and then banish to a closet unused.
As to pillow ingredients, since I do not suffer from any tricky allergies (other than dust and cats) I can sleep on just about everything, but down pillows drive me nuts, they never seem to sink into a stable position.

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Blogger Tara said...

Do I covet a different type of pillow? That's a little personal, isn't it? Sheesh! ;)

I bought a lime green pillow at CVS last month. It was one of those really soft, squishy pillows, the kind you can rest under your neck if you're reading, or just something to rest your head on. I guess I like that one, but my two hypoallergenic (spelling?) bed pillows are also nice.

24/4/07 16:33  
Anonymous DeCurribus said...

Thin but firm. If I sleep on anything that isn't the exact length of my shoulder, I get terrible neck aches.

24/4/07 21:35  

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