Singing and dancing will be had tomorrow night and Yours Truly is the main attraction. Yes, Folks, I am announcing my first-ever HEADLINE GIG! (Superstar!) Please no shoving, spitting, or flash photography.
The concert is in Toledo, Ohio, so I have a bit of a drive ahead of me tonight.
I might have CD's of the concert available for purchase at a later date. I'll keep you posted. MEANTIME, wish me luck. I'm a bit nervous!


Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

Cool! I'd love to see video of the gig. Got anyone doing camera work for you?

20/4/07 15:33  
Anonymous uncle jim said...

tell me where ... spent 5 days there this past week ... got a brother i'd love to send to the 'gig' to meet up with you [he's single] - name of the joint and time of the show? please

20/4/07 18:01  
Blogger Barry said...

G'Luck, Steppers!

20/4/07 18:50  
Blogger Tara said...

Knock em dead, Sarah! Only figuratively though, of course. ;)

I dropped your flyers from a plane and I put some in my mailroom. They were all gone by the morning. I will take this to mean that you'll have some excited people from my building hearing your awesome music. Try not to be nervous and just have a great time! You'll be great!

20/4/07 19:43  
Blogger k_sra said...

Gig is at St. Matthews Episcopal, 5240 Talmadge Rd. Toledo, Ohio. 6:30pm! Any brother of yours is another uncle of mine. : )

My multi-gifted boyfriend has hooked me up with some sweet digitals, there will be a first-class CD and DVD awaiting. i will certainly be looking to upload some choice segments.

Hugs and kisses, Tara! you are the best friend a girl could have. ; )

Thanks, Bazza. I hope it will be awesome fun.

Have a great weekend, All!

21/4/07 09:10  
Blogger half said...

"sarahh?" (note the only-one-name-needed level of fame and the nifty stage name I ascribe) "Yes I did!"..."I Did too!"..."She wasn't famous yet, but I met her."

Cool. How'd the gig go?

23/4/07 17:28  
Blogger half said...

Oh, and had I read this before the fact, I would have shared the sentiment from a favorite greeting card that I received upon my departure from a consulting gig:

[FRONT] In the theater, they say "break a leg" to wish each other luck.

[INSIDE] I'll do one better. I hope your legs fly off completely. That's how much luck I wish you.

23/4/07 17:32  
Blogger k_sra said...

Wowie-zow, that was fun! : D

Got to sing all my favorite songs and share it with about a hundred of my best friends (there were a handful of people I'd never met, but mostly it was a personality pull.) Despite completely blanking out numerous times in the middle of my performance, I sailed through like nothing had happened. it takes a lot to make me break my stride on stage. I frequently have dreams in which I am compelled to take the stage before large audiences conpletely unprepared and totally at ease. I have never met an audience I didn't enjoy performing for.

When I have vid-ay-o I will share with the world.

Thanks for the well-wishes. It was well-worth my time. : )

24/4/07 14:41  
Anonymous uncle jim said...

well, even though i didn't accomlish anything getting the crowd bigger for oyu, you were in thoughts and prayers ... glad all went well [I actually went by that facility last week a couple of times.]

24/4/07 17:44  

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