1864 Baseball with Conan O'Brien

Just a little something to get your Monday morning on track (assuming you have sound/video capabilities and free time at work. I still haven't seen the end of the clip, but the first half is wonderful.)

Speaking of aberrant versions of baseball, just went to my boyfriend's first softball game last night. His team lost, but he looked good. : )

Took my nephew with me. Fed him sugar, sugar, goldfish crackers and sugar, and then my boyfriend took us out for ice cream. My nephew was up all night before puking. *sigh* Can't spoil children like you used to could! (Sorry, D!)

Main differences between baseball and softball as I remember it from our conversation at the ice cream place:
  • Softball is bigger than a baseball
  • Ball is pitched underhand
  • in this case, batters start with a 1-1 count (1 strike, 1 ball)
  • in this case, 11 men on field instead of 9
  • in this case, no metal cleats on the field

Here's a fun page: See the salary vs performance stats of all thirty major league teams throughout the season.

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Blogger "Honestus" - Raymond Charles said...

great skit - and really good find on the salary versus performance chart! i think i'll share both! =)

4/6/07 21:20  

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