How Do You Plan To Estivate?

Estivate is the opposite of hibernate, only it refers to Summer not Winter. But instead of meaning just sleeping, it generally refers to how or where you will spend your Summer.

I'm going to a water park at least once! Definitely need to do at least one biking trip. Maybe with camping. A whole lot of picnics and BBQ's. I'd like to go to a few weddings of people I don't really know so me and my honey can dress up, dance together, and still be kind of ignored in pleasant surroundings.
I'd like one day in the sprinklers with my nephews. Preferably in combination with a watermelon eating contest and maybe some water balloon fights.
One night of ice cream cones with siblings to just enjoy the hot air and the dry wit.
Mmm. That's a good list so far.
How about you? Estivation plans?

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Blogger Tara said...

Ohhh, water parks are so much fun! I went to Dover Lake Park with my parents and a friend one time and we had such an amazingly fun day!

I don't know how I'll spend my summer, but I would like to go on vacation somewhere.

15/5/07 07:26  
Anonymous Jon said...

Excellent! A list!

Go on holiday to France (Provence this year)
Catch up with friends
Go to the US ... at least once
Celebrate the births of 3 children (of my friends)
Redesign and rebuild my garden

I didn't know the estivate (or aestivate if you're from over this side of the pond) can mean "To spend the Summer", rather than just summer sleeping. Turns out you do learn something new (nearly) everyday

15/5/07 09:05  
Anonymous normzone said...

Get over my sinus infection

Freedive in La Jolla Cove

Go to the gym regularly

fpkemin: an experimental sinus drug I'm hoping to lay my hands on

15/5/07 13:56  
Blogger grak said...

Find a new job by September.
Find love.
Plan a holiday - maybe north Africa.

oh, and reinvent myself blogwise....

10/6/07 13:21  

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