Mom Awareness Day

You know how important moms are? Everybody has at least one. Some of us get more than one in a lifetime. Some of us share one with a spouse. Some of us keep one in our house. Some of us are mothers. Some of us wish we were. All of us have appreciated the care of a mother at one time or another. All of us have at least one fond memory of a mom. I know I do!

Here's mine:
My mom plays the piano beautifully. As children, we would often fall asleep to the sound of our mother playing hymns or classical pieces as a way to wind down from a busy day with five (!) children. I loved to hear her play. And when I was older, I would stand behind her as she played and sing songs with her, sometimes for hours. She filled my childhood with music and beauty and for that I thank my wonderful Mother! Happy Mother's Day!

In order to build a little awareness in myself, I investigated motherhood in other countries. What's it like to be a mother in other places in the world? Did you know that Ethiopia is one of the hardest places to be a mother? The incredibly high orphan rate is partly owing to the fact that only 6% of all births are under the care of skilled medical practitioners. Young children have it hard there, too, and even though the numbers are improving, the mortality rate is still one of the highest in the world.

I would just like to honor another mother whose twin girls will hopefully be coming home to the US from Ethiopia next month! Congrats, El Fid, and Happy Mother's Day!

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Anonymous uncle jim said...

what a wonderful tribute ... after meeting her, i can see where your grace and charm developed.

best to moms every day!

10/5/07 20:57  
Blogger Tara said...

I appreciate my mom very, very much! Everyday and night! And really, I couldn't be here without her! :)

11/5/07 08:13  
Anonymous Blanch d'al Monde said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day card, Sarah! You'll never know how much I love hearing you sing. Pencil me in some time next Friday if you can. . .

11/5/07 15:48  

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