No News Would Be Good

I concur.
I don't watch the news anymore. Is it my repressed American upbringing? Or is it my sense that American News Agencies aren't painting a complete picture? Seems that if you want the macabre, and grisly you don't need a horror movie. Watch the news.
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Blogger Tara said...

It takes a lot for me to want to watch the news anymore. Someone once said that the weather is the most positive thing about the news. You know that even though the weather is bad now, sooner or later it'll improve and the sun will come out.

27/6/07 19:15  
Anonymous grac said...

Although the news is much the same here (UK), I think it is a lot more balanced then you have in the US. And they often end it with the words '... and finally', before telling a story of a cute puppies or a postman helping a granny. Some such sweet story of fluff.

28/6/07 01:45  
Anonymous DrCurry said...

I do watch BBC News from time to time, since a) it gives an international perspective, b) is msotly about stuff that has nothing to do with me. Apart from that, the only news I watch is the Daily Show, where it's all made up.

Of course, I do read the newspaper every day, but I tend to skip the local news section, where you gets all the same old, same old bad news.

1/7/07 12:39  

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