...are bouncy

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Blogger NoRegrets said...

only if they are fresh.

20/11/08 23:00  
Blogger Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

They are bouncy.. and sweet..

21/11/08 08:38  
Blogger Tara said...

Very true. And once they roll under something, they are very elusive.

Grapes are bouncy too.

21/11/08 09:25  
Blogger Churlita said...

That they are.

21/11/08 12:15  
Blogger k_sra said...

I like to watch them bounce. I only realized this after I'd lost a couple during greedy snacking hours. My sadness at their loss was instantly replaced with fascination. Now I am thankful I dropped them.

...and, yes, they must be fresh. :)

21/11/08 14:06  
Blogger laura b. said...

Blueberries are bouncy and also beautiful. If not quite ripe, blueberries can be bitter.

Hm...better buy blueberries...

21/11/08 15:21  
Blogger uncle jim said...

i've just been looking back over your last couple of months of posts
you've been busy

i've not been posting much - time very limited and i've been engaged in a home DIY project - started middle of June and still going strong in those spare hours which come too infrequently

i WILL once again EMERGE someday into the sunlight

hope your hubby doesn't mind, but i've missed you

keep it up

21/11/08 22:34  
OpenID aliencg said...

Yeah, no kidding. They'll also stain a white towel or tablecloth.

23/11/08 10:03  

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