They're Called "Haw Flakes"

And they're pretty much what you'd expect... if you were expecting haw flakes.
I bought them for my birthday (I buy myself lots of stuff on my birthday. It conceals the fact that no one else is buying me things) on a whim. I mean, come on, who wouldn't buy a package of Haw Flakes for only 49cents? Needless to say, the first generation checkout girl said, "I remember those. I used to eat those all the time as a kid." She said they were kind of chewy, but not like gum.
So, there you have it. They are kind of chewy and they are dissimilar to gum, but they taste vaguely of pears. Dried pears. That was the closest food comparison I could make. I actually rather like them. haw haw. I need sumore.

Haw flakes are available at
fine asian import stores
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Ok, so apparently there is no
false advertising here. Haw Flakes
are made with haw. Good to know...
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Blogger chopper said...

User testimonial: I haw'd one and it was good!

19/8/04 16:39  
Blogger TARA said...

I've never seen Haw Flakes before! I'm sure they taste good, though.

They reminded me of the stuff I buy at the grocery store, but it has little to do with Haw Flakes. What I get is Shrimp Chips. They come in a potpouri if different colors and are pretty cheap. Very good stuff. I've eaten a whole bag in one sitting. Maybe I shouldn't have confessed that online, but oh well. Anyway, the shrimp chips are usually found in the produce section at the end of the isles where you can find bags of dried fruit and carmel dip.

19/8/04 17:35  
Blogger Joel said...

What the haw are you talking about, ksra?

20/8/04 11:04  

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