The Bubble and the Blonde

Also at the HalfCon. A mystical bubble formed on top of my drink keeping me entertained for hours. The other HalfBakers went home. I finally snapped out of my stupor when Rachel, our waitress, gently said, "Esmerelda, we need to close up now!"

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Blogger El Fid said...

I know what it is missing, BIG CHEEKIES, mushroom head! The blond hair is taking me back, way back.

27/6/05 13:18  
Blogger k_sra said...

Aw, like the days of yore. Only with the sharp cheekbones of an emaciated has-been! I know what you mean. I haven't seen that particular look on my own face in years.

27/6/05 13:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell us O Great Esmerelda, what does the future hold for me? Based on the size of that crystal ball, not much.

27/6/05 17:46  
Blogger k_sra said...

Well, anonymous, looking into my crystal ball I see that you will come up with a really great username and stop posting anonymously... It all gets fuzzy after that.

30/6/05 08:17  

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