This Toosh'll Pass

You ever wonder about people who obsessively complain over one part of their body? Die-hard I-hate-my-butt fans for example or gee-aren't-my-legs-chubby enthusiasts? People who never lose an opportunity to remind themselves that their bodies do indeed have flaws?

Or maybe you are one of these people. You can't stand those extra ounces of fat under your arms, your chin depresses you in all photos you've ever seen, or your esophagus looks funny in the mirror (aha, you are paying attention!). Yeah, it comes to all of us once in a while, the "what's wrong with me now" game we play.

I do it too. (I don't particularly like my profile, I have a birthmark on my cheek, and no matter how skinny I am my stomach always sticks out {which I have secretly come to like *shhh* don't tell anyone with a Y chromosome}.) But I'm thinking of not doing it anymore. Playing the I'm-somehow-ugly game. I'm thinking of turning over an old leaf and carefully putting down the gun of self-loathing instead of picking it up and pointing it at my own precious little lumpy-shaped head. I'm thinking of not waiting till I'm older and wiser to be completely comfortable with my body, my laugh... my anything. How's that for a mid-year's resolution?

Sounds good to me. : )

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Blogger letters of deception said...

that sounds like a good idea....maybe i could take on a similar theory on my life and stop posting all these depressing posts.........no that would never work.

29/7/05 12:29  
Blogger Flipsycab said...

I'll join you. I pledge to stop playing the "I'm so defective" game if everyone in the world does.

That's not much to ask, is it?

29/7/05 12:31  
Blogger k_sra said...

HAHA! Flipsy, I thought about the pledge drive, too, but didn't care to set one up since I don't give a rat's pajamas what everyone else does.

LOD, someday, someday, you'll grow out of this. *checks watch and sits*

29/7/05 12:33  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

That was the best mid-year resolution I've ever heard.

29/7/05 13:00  
Blogger Nicotine Jones said...

That is the best attitude!

30/7/05 06:04  
Blogger Lukas Abrhm said...

awesome...now i can be comfortable with my combable back and my non-combable head.

31/7/05 01:31  
Blogger k_sra said...

Lukas, those are two things you can always be proud of! : )

1/8/05 13:02  

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