Elevated Strangers

I spent all morning looking for a victim. I must have ridden the elevator in my apartment three or four times.


So, when my lunch break came I dragged along a friend, planted him outside the door of the elevator on the ground floor of another building near my work. He waited. And as the doors opened at the bottom he snapped the picture. There were two pictures of me frowning. I was all alone. But finally. Finally. Paydirt. As the elvator opened for the third time I leaned into the tall, broad gentleman who lucklessly got in with me and then I walked out and away from him, the elevator and my friend with the camera. I bet he's still wondering who I am and whether I work for his wife.

(Congrats, Marie!)

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Anonymous normzone said...

Ah, guerilla photography. I've had some wonderful evenings spent that way. Do you accept assignments?

10/8/05 14:00  
Blogger k_sra said...

When people win a caption contest I must accept assignments. Other times I will consider requests and do them if I can.

I want to see your guerillas! : )

10/8/05 14:21  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

Great picture, [k]. The look on his face...

10/8/05 14:24  
Blogger Marie said...

Fantastic! Better than I expected. Thanks!

10/8/05 15:07  
Blogger Marie said...

Forgot to say, I love the man's expression, it's like he KNOWS you're weird! ;D

10/8/05 15:08  
Blogger Koobs said...


10/8/05 16:54  
Blogger Lukas Abrhm said...

christ yes marie. he KNOWS she's odd. or is purveying a sense of "who the heck is this" just because your stealing his soul!

11/8/05 00:34  
Blogger El Fid said...

My, he is tall, and corpulent. He just won the lottery and doesn't know it.

11/8/05 09:14  
Blogger dabuheebly said...

It's the body fat, Stupid. You said, "Read my lips: no new body fat." And now look at you. You can do all of the sit-ups in the world and you will not be able to get nice abs if your abdomen is covered by a thick layer of fat. Anybody with a fridge knows that.

11/8/05 13:38  
Blogger Flipsycab said...

hey daubheebly, I think I've heard that somewhere else.

K-sra, PEE-riceless photo.

11/8/05 21:30  

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