And You're Invited!

Come on over and whine awhile!!

I'm here cuz of a coworker. It's great to be annoyed!! Everybody's doing it!
Today only, gripes are on the house!

(artwork courtesy of Fluxfire.)

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Blogger Tara said...

(struggling to find something to bring to the pity party)..I'd love to come, but I'm at a stage in my day where I don't give a flying duck about anyone at work. I'll pity because my mind is a complete blank right now. There.

4/8/05 15:34  
Blogger Tara said...

Forgot to ask, what is the discussion about your coworker? We want to know! We can have wine with our whine, if you wish.

4/8/05 15:37  
Blogger gnomethang said...

Aww, Shit!. That feels so much worse!. After the Week I have just had I simply needed a quiet place to sit and weep.
Thank You! Thank You!.

4/8/05 15:37  
Blogger k_sra said...

Uhm, I don't want to get dooced from my beloved desk job. Suffice to say "clingy and passive aggressive" are in full affect.

4/8/05 15:38  
Blogger k_sra said...

I'm sorry your week has been scatalogical, gnome.

4/8/05 15:38  
Blogger dag said...

Somebunny don't look so good.

4/8/05 15:44  
Blogger graculus said...

Want me to be mean and kick butt. ? Just point me at who.

4/8/05 16:29  
Anonymous Marie said...

This has been the WORST day of my life. First of all, I had the day off so I slept in until 11:25. When I woke up I had NOTHING to do, so I went shopping and bought a pair of pants and some shirts. To top it all off, I'm going out with friends tonight. Ugh! Damn, my life fucking sucks, man.

Sorry, didn't mean to bring the party down.

4/8/05 17:35  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

The Internet connection for most of Seattle was down for 2 hours. That deserves some sort of pity to bring to the party. I wonder if productivity went down or up.

4/8/05 18:02  
Blogger Flipsycab said...

My ever expanding ass hurts.

4/8/05 19:22  
Blogger Nicotine Jones said...

In a month, my entire job will change...But, I will still have a job. And for that I am grateful...

4/8/05 22:53  
Blogger k_sra said...

I'm feeling much better today all. So if you still need pity, I just can't help you.

-not sharing the love

p.s. I am SO sorry, Marie. Sounds horrible. ; )

5/8/05 09:17  
Blogger Marie said...

I'm over it, ksra, just as you are. But boy, was it about to get ugly. Cheers!

5/8/05 12:37  
Blogger k_sra said...

What kind of cheers? Like they do at Summer camp? Like: Ooh, Sandy, you so fine, you so fine you blow my mind! Hey Sandy! ?

5/8/05 12:48  
Blogger Marie said...

The cheers I had in mind had something more to do with beer than pom-poms, but sure. Hey Sandy! Woooo! *triple backflip*

Who's Sandy? What happened to Mickey?

5/8/05 13:22  
Blogger k_sra said...

Mickey pooped in my silverware drawer. We're not speaking.

5/8/05 13:51  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

Note to self: Don't ever use [k]'s silverware.

5/8/05 15:33  
Blogger calum said...

It's Friday, and I had a thoroughly excremental work day. I didn't leave the office til 7pm and soon, some time after midnight, my better half, miserable and dressed as a "60s chick", is going to pull up outside my house and take me to the 24 hour supermarket to buy vegetables.

In good news, I just saw Lost In Translation again.

5/8/05 18:06  
Blogger gnomethang said...

Shit! I just missed Donnie Darko!

6/8/05 18:49  

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