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Blogger Worldgineer said...

No wonder that elf looked so familiar. That was a goonies elf.

5/8/05 10:28  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

I mean hobbit.

5/8/05 10:28  
Blogger Tara said...

When "Goonies" was released in the theatres, there was also a movie released called "Goolies". I went to see Goolies thinking it was Goonies, but I was gravely mistaken. Maybe I should've posted this part in the "Pity Party" post...probably.

5/8/05 10:36  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

Wow, I remember Goolies. That was one terrible movie. You have my pity (really, can I have it back sometime? thanks).

I hear Worldgineer is a mean hobbit.

5/8/05 10:38  
Anonymous other sarah said...

I'm actually watching the "Kleenex tear-jerker presentation of 'Rudy'" (I didn't make that up, that's really what it's called) on TNT right now. I love 'Rudy'-- it's the only time I'm happy that Georgia Tech loses. *sniff* I have to go get some kleenex and watch the last 15 minutes...

6/8/05 10:47  
Blogger J.a.G. said...

Oi yoi yoi! Have you happened upon the recent scary pics of him at Pink is the New Blog? Eeeeek.


I did think Goonies was great though!

8/8/05 03:56  
Blogger k_sra said...

OIoioi, those pictures are from a film shoot: Baywatch Redux or something atrocious... A man's gotta work. I just saw a picture of him in US Weekly with his wife and three girls. Super cute family. Very sweet guy. I wish him the very best.

8/8/05 10:38  
Anonymous CoryFeldmanFan123 said...

WHY would I want to send him fan mail?

I used to love this guy (Sean Astin), but in recent years (since LOTR) he has made an incredibly egotistical push to DUMP ACTING and become some kind of director.

Indeed, Sean as set his targets on very specific films:


"Things might have gone a lot smoother if Astin hadn't notoriously tried to parlay his experience in New Zealand into a career as a director, and then go on a whine tour to various internet sites when it didn't happen. The actor was very serious about being handed the reigns to "Fantastic Four," a big budget comic book adaptation that eventually went to Tim Story. Astin was down for the count."


He tried to take Fantastic Four out from under Tim Story (who is currently filming a sequel - sorry Sean).

I'll always love and cherish his work in "Rudy," "The Goonies," and "Bulworth," but this turn of his back on the fans really sucks.

It's the pits. Sean AStin SUCKS to me now.

15/6/06 06:52  

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