Where Are We Going?

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Blogger Worldgineer said...

I think I've already been there, but I can't remember.

7/9/05 13:57  
Blogger El Fid said...

Well, what was it referring to?

7/9/05 14:38  
Anonymous normzone said...

Don't worry about it, [el fid], you'll get another chance to see it when it comes around again.

7/9/05 17:45  
Blogger dabuheebly said...

Yes, the arrow is pointing left, toward a blue state. It means the lessons of the past have not been understood, have not become foundations for a future built with the intent to avoid the same mistakes those in the past made.

8/9/05 12:30  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

But isn't reliving past mistakes the foundation of Conservativism?

8/9/05 12:33  
Blogger k_sra said...

I wrote a brilliant and longwinded to response to the brewing storm in here, but it vanished and I take this as a sign that 1) I shouldn't be getting in the middle of a political discussion and 2) it's late and I should be in bed.

8/9/05 22:56  
Blogger El Fid said...

Now here's a buried comment to consider.

15/9/05 09:45  

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