Hey Ya (Acoustic)


Blogger Gros said...

First time commenter but long time lurker...
Amazing cover! Have been playing again and again for the last hour or so!

Thanks for the eye-opener,


20/8/06 07:29  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

Hmmm... I really liked it at first, but it was a bit repetitive near the end. Overall it was still good.

But then I'm a big fan of (almost*) any cover songs that cross genres. There have been some great punk covers of slow songs in recent years.

* Ok, a cubicle ex-neighbor used to play Johnny Cash covering Nine Inch Nails over and over. And over. I could mildly tolerate Johnny Cash up until that time.

21/8/06 09:21  
Blogger half said...

I don't know the covered tune, but I have a suspicion that I enjoyed the cover more than I would the original.

21/8/06 22:50  

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