Uncle Funk Hits the Internet

My Uncle Fred (in the cart) has been a musician and singer in Utah for years now. He sings gigs about town, mostly with a fellow named Dave Hahn (my adopted Uncle, pushing the cart) and I just found out their latest video is airing on the interweb. I'm so proud!

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Anonymous lostdog said...

That's pretty cool. I wish I had a Funkle. Been listening to this guy quite a lot recently, who is possibly related to me in a makey-up, backwoods random redneck kind of way.

15/12/06 17:43  
Anonymous lostdog said...

I've got a couple of musty old aunts I can't seem to do anything with - anyone fancy a swap? I'll even take a mildly interesting cousin in return.

15/12/06 17:50  
Blogger k_sra said...

I think we all secretly wish we had an Uncle Funk. I just happen to be lucky enough to actually get one. I'll take your musty aunties. I love musty aunties. If you're not getting your money's worth out of 'em, it's your own fault. You're just not using them right! Musty old people have the most fun things to say and do. Don't rob them of their right to be hilarious! Try to think outside of the age gap.

mljcaps: mutton lettuce and jam caps

18/12/06 11:34  

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