Words I Don't Know: 'O'

From the pages of my pocket-edition Webster's Dictionary:

obdurate: stubborn, unyielding

obfuscate: confuse, obscure (I know this one, but I think it's such a great word, I had to share)
obloquy: abusively detractive language, discredit, disgrace
obverse: facing observer, side of coin with design
obviate: to prevent by making uneccessary

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Blogger half said...

I believe you've combined bits of two definitions for "obviate". The definition you list isn't quite right.

I'll let you sort it out so that you can learn something new today. :)

1/5/07 07:01  
Blogger k_sra said...

OK. I threw it out there as fast as I could yesterday. Thanks, Eagle-Eye! : )

1/5/07 07:22  
Blogger half said...

It's your fault for picking the word I knew.

1/5/07 18:37  
Blogger k_sra said...

S'why I love my readers. So intelligent! : )

2/5/07 08:35  
Blogger Anonymous, as of now said...

i love the 'o' pictures, if they count! and i didnt know obverse also meant:facing observer so it's a good deal

3/5/07 00:23  

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