Spaghetti and the Dog (Input Requested)

Hello, Friends. Long time no hear from, I know. Things have been busy on the Immigration front and they died down to a whisper just as quickly as they built up to a frenzy. But that isn't why I'm here. I have a serious, hypothetical questions to pose to you:
Let us imagine that you told someone 8 months ago that you don't feed your dog scraps from the table and that this person (8 months after the fact) fed your dog a half inch of spaghetti. What would your reaction be? And let's assume this person is your significant other.

Please respond in the comments section if you would:

a) say nothing because it was only a tiny piece of food and your S.O. wouldn't deliberately go against your wishes if they had remembered?

b) say something like, "Oh, remember, I don't feed the dog scraps from the table, Darling!" and smile sweetly?

c) yell sharply out of frustration, but apologize immediately knowing the shouting wasn't called for and you've hurt your S.O.'s feelings?

d) go balistic, shouting and cursing and insist the S.O. walk home or be driven home and refuse to speak to them for days?

I'd love to know what your responses would be. Thanks for helping me out! = )

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Anonymous AO said...

I would say this:

"What are you doing? Oh my God! Larry! What did you just do? Please tell me you didn't! Was that spaghetti? Did you just feed Bartholomew spaghetti? You did NOT! How much was it? Well? How much? Quarter inch? Three eighths? What? Excuse me, WHAT? Half an inch! Ooo, I'm going to kill you, mister! I am SO going to kill you! Was there sauce on it?"

3/7/07 15:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Depending on how anal you are about this, perhaps an appropriate response would be feeding dog food to your S.O?

3/7/07 17:18  
Anonymous the grac said...

option e/

Go to vet and get the dogs' stomach pumped. Send vet bill to SO. Once SO has paid, dump SO and return to the ex who looks like George Cloonie!

4/7/07 04:01  
Blogger k_sra said...

this story is very much not autobiographical, grac. sorry, still happy in love. No, I was retelling the story of a dear friend who found herself blindsided by just such an outburst as option (d) and then unceremoniously kicked to the curb. and to this friend i have been saying, "this appears to be the fairytale ending for a man such as this who obviously cannot keep up with a basic level of decency required for a friendship, much less a romantic friendship (which in my opinion, should be EVEN friendlier!) She is a sweet, giving woman who is trying to take the blame for the outburst and wondering how she f'ed up her life again. and i am merely attempting to point out that no rational sane man (or woman) would shout, scream and abandon for such a slight infringement of an understanding made almost a year prior.

4/7/07 20:16  
Anonymous AO said...

Wow, really? He went with option (d)? I could understand if it were (c)--everyone's entitled spaz out occasionally--especially when they see Italian cuisine being served to their pet. But then to follow through with unceremonious curb-kicking? Hmmm. I would guess that this guy has other issues besides his principled stance against canine pasta feeding.

Your dear friend should find someone else who knows how to apologize, preferably in the classic Edwardian style (you know, starting with "Darling, I've been beastly. Can you ever forgive me?")

5/7/07 09:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, but the answer goes beyond the question. Let's take a step back. Who doesn't feed their dog table scraps? Someone completely lacking in empathy, that's who. (how else can you deny a loving creature their favorite thing?) Or worse, someone with empathy but with an equal measure of cruelty. I say she dodged a bullet.


23/7/07 19:34  

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