Advice To New Husbands

Don't tell your wife that her cabbage rolls are good and then tell her how they could be more like your mother's.

I'm just saying.... :P

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Anonymous evilesb138 said...

the same advice can be given to the ladies....

Ladies, don't tell your guy (that can cook--and damn well) that something is really good and then say but it was better in some restaurant.

You just got married, I saw some of the highlights at Tara's blog. Congratulations

20/8/08 19:45  
Anonymous gnomethang said...

Hell! Did the best man not give him "The Manual"!!??

22/8/08 04:03  
Blogger k_sra said...

Evil E: I will do my best not to make that blatant error.

gnome: Hiya! no, the best man doesn't have "the (wo)manual" either, so I guess that was an honest mistake. : )

22/8/08 09:05  

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