How to Make Cabbage Rolls

It was my mother's fault really. She suggested I try making cabbage rolls and that got me looking up recipes and buying ingredients. I've never made cabbage rolls before.

When you are first married (if you did it right) you are in possession of a great deal of brand new equipment and accoutrements for your kitchen. It's like being an antique car enthusiast who is suddenly given a key to Jay Leno's garage.

So, I started right in with a bit of a grin and cooked it... and cooked more, and then cooked some more and then cooked other things.... Cabbage rolls are very involved! Across town my sister was making cabbage roll soup, a simple recipe with none of the craziness and all of the flavor. By nine o'clock I was jealous.

A few notes from my experience:
Don't use the outer cabbage leaves (too tough)
Add more spices if the recipe calls for none
Use wild rice for a little crunch (or celery or both)
Drink riesling while cooking, but only after you've removed the hot pans from the oven and let them cool... : )

I would have taken a picture of my own cabbage rolls if I had had a camera handy. As is, I include a professional shot:

Recipe k_sra used for cabbage rolls

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Blogger Tara said...

Cabbage smell = Stinky
Cabbage rolls = delicious

I love when the tools are all there for you to experiment with, and it's fun to try a new recipe when the mood strikes!

Happy Birthday to youuuuuu! I made you an online cake but I eated it. ;)

16/8/08 07:33  
Blogger k_sra said...

it can be fun. i feel like baking something today, but I may have to turn on the AC for that. Hmmm, brownies!

18/8/08 13:59  

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