Who Is My Second Cousin Twice Removed?

I've often been perplexed by the relations in my family that extended beyond the close-knit cousin circle. And to penetrate that mystery, I went, as always to the Internet!

My dad has a cousin. Let's say his name is Ben. Ben is
is my first cousin once removed. Ben has a son, Nathaniel. Nathaniel is my second cousin. Now if I had a daughter named Alice, she would be Ben's first cousin twice removed. Whereas Alice and Nathaniel would be second cousins once removed. My dad who is Alice's grandfather, is Nathaniel's first cousin once removed. But if Alice had a kid named Jack, Jack would be Ben's first cousin thrice removed and Nathaniel's second cousin twice removed.

Hope that helped you as much as it did me. :)

For a much clearer explanation, read this.



Blogger uncle jim said...

glad you're still among us to inform and enlighten us

obvious i haven't checked your site in a week or two

11/3/08 06:07  
Blogger Barry said...

I think that my second cousin twice removed is the former governor of the Bank of Canada.
He is my mum's second cousin.

17/3/08 04:50  
Blogger Dysprositos said...

I have a cousin who was thrice removed, but he kept on coming back. From way out here, that looks like a tree full of bottoms.

21/3/08 09:09  
Blogger k_sra said...

Well, some people could describe their families as moony, I have no doubt!

21/3/08 12:09  

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