Day 4: No Power

Since hurricane Ike blew through 84 of Ohio's 88 counties, I have been without electrical power along with about one million other people. We lost electricity on Sunday evening just before the much anticipated Steelers-Browns game... which we also lost. : (

Four days later and there is still no power in the quaint subdivision that I call home. I live in an apartment building. Some 200 other residents live here also. None of us have power, hot water or even cellphone coverage. So, we may not be in Galvaston and we may have a roof over our heads, but we're definitely having a ripe ol' taste of Hurricane Ike's wrath.

15 Things You'll Do When You've Lost Power For 4 Days:

  1. carry a flashlight to your car every morning

  2. take your cellphone charger to work

  3. shower at work or at a friend's house

  4. leave what little produce you have on the porch during the night to stay cool

  5. buy only what you can eat in the next two hours

  6. flip light switches because you "forget"

  7. grumble because you flipped a light switch, which reminded you you have no power

  8. check on your parapalegic neighbor who hasn't been able to leave the building since Sunday

  9. go to bed at 9:00pm

  10. stop wearing makeup because you can't find your makeup kit

  11. throw away that watermelon you were keeping on the porch because it's gone bad

  12. realize just how stinky your fridge is without cold air in it

  13. wash your dishes with soap and cold water

  14. start to really miss hot meals and cold drinks

  15. lose your sense of humor about the whole thing when your husband leaves for a 3 day business trip to someplace with electricity

Someday soon (hopefully) this will all be just a memory; an academic exercise in being resourceful and grateful. And I will be the normal person with other rather normal and not-too-important things to complain about. In the meantime though... :(

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Courage, Camille.

Seriously though, that has got to suck badly. May your electricity return before you resort to kidnapping an electrical worker and forcing him to restore power (or smell your fridge)

18/9/08 10:46  
Blogger Churlita said...

I'm so sorry. Believe me, I know how bad that sucks. We lost power for days after the tornado and during ice storms before. At least it's not Winter, being really cold on top of all the inconveniences is the worst.

18/9/08 11:05  
Blogger k_sra said...

Alien: *sniff* trying to keep a stiff upper lilp. :(

churlita: we had a summer outage here in 2004(?) I think it was worse than a winter outage, because there was simply no escaping the heat, no matter how naked you got! At least in winter, you can bundle up. Of course, that depends on where "winter" is!

18/9/08 12:11  
Blogger laura b. said...

Boy, I would be complaining like a maniac even if it did no good at all. I know things could always be worse, but that sounds pretty sucky to me.

18/9/08 16:05  
Blogger Tara said...

Nothing like peeing by candlelight, either. That's special.

Good top ten list. Been there way too many times.

18/9/08 16:06  
Blogger RC Honestus said...

i would choose being an Amish newlywed over electricity every day of the week, twice on 'Sundays'.

sorry about the watermelon.

19/9/08 01:02  
Anonymous evilesb138 said...

one day--bad

four days--$%&*(&^%ing electric company

Well, you did not miss much Sunday night. The Browns had no electricity either.

I hope they get everybody turned back on. I have been there myself, not four days, but close.

19/9/08 04:51  
Blogger k_sra said...

Laura: I know. I'm trying to manage it, but I'm starting to get used to it adn that's what pisses me off most. :P

tara: forgot to add that to the list, but that's one i kind fo like actually. :)

honestus: why don't you come home and prove it! ; ) (watermelon's still hanging, that was added for dramatic affect. I just have to work up the enthusiasm to add all that fruitiness to our festering kitchen [which isn't really festering, i lysoled it within an inch of its life p.s. that cooler REEKED!)]))

evil e: five days now. five. &*$%^$%^#

19/9/08 10:48  
Blogger MrManuel said...

I'd be going crazy...like literally.

19/9/08 13:48  

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