Arugula Pig-Stick

Wow, have you ever seen the mud-slinging quite this ugly before? It must require thick skin to run for any office, let alone the Presidency of the United States!

In Obama's case, a colorful analogy just turned a pig, into a rampaging Republican elephant.
I have to say that the pig in lipstick comment certainly did not seem to be directed to the 'lipstick pitbull,' Sarah Palin, as is now being charged. And I think the Republicans could do without the petty, toe-stepping at this point. But I guess the GOP sees this as an opening in the gender gap and are swinging the axe to deepen the divide.
Then again, Obama did "accidentally" flip off Hillary Clinton in the primaries, so maybe he's "not that innocent" after all.

Honestly, I doubt Obama is ready to lead a nation. He comes off these days as a petulant teenager, whining about not getting his way. I think if he can stay calm and unaffected then the GOP will have to do the legwork to prove their ticket, but if he keeps saying, "Come on!" and "Gimme a break!" all the time, people are going to see him as a weak candidate. What do you think?

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OpenID aliencg said...

I posted my take on this one. I'm tired of the childish campaigns all the way around.

11/9/08 17:22  
Blogger Tara said...

It's like, "I want to be insulted and have me and my family put under the microscope repeatedly. What's the best way to do that? Oh yeah, I'll run for office."

11/9/08 20:28  
Blogger k_sra said...

alien: I hear ya.

Tara: HAHA! Well put. I think all the candidates have incredibly thick skin to be able to take any of this heat they are taking day in and day out... except for Joe Biden maybe, because, let's face it, nobody's paying attention to him right now.

11/9/08 20:48  
Anonymous Worldgineer said...

What Obama said was messed up. Clearly he was talking about Joe Biden.

14/9/08 08:57  

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